Snake Goddess Minoan

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The figurines were found only in house sanctuaries, where the figurine appears as "the goddess of the household", and they are probably (according to Burkert ) related with the Paleolithic tradition regarding women and domesticity. [2] The figurines have also been interpreted as showing a mistress of animals -type goddess and as a precursor to Athena Parthenos , who is also associated with snakes. [1]

In 1903, Sir Arthur Evans, excavating at the palace of Knossos on the island of Crete, discovered fragments of faience statuettes depicting female figures holding snakes. Two of these statuettes were extensively restored and identified by Evans as a “Mother Goddess” and a “Priestess.” These figures became iconic images of Minoan civilization as soon as they were published, and ever since archaeologists, art historians, and feminist scholars have worked to determine their role and significance in Minoan culture.